Successful Negotiator


Successful Negotiator (SN) is a highly interactive skill- building workshop equipped with an easy-to- use, proven system for influencing and negotiating with people, especially those who are "difficult" negotiators. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to improve his/her ability to build trust, influence others, negotiate effectively, and create sustainable and long-term win/win professional relationships.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills rather than learning theory.
  • A simple practical methodology based on existing personal and work experience.
  • Delegates can receive an exclusive, unique, free Apple iPad application on line via the Apple Store for profiling those they need to influence after the workshop.
  • Skills are effective in both business and personal settings.
  • The Gameplan App can be integrated to incorporate the benefits of a company’s specific products and services. Thorough Reports and guides give complete feedback and information.
  • Principles and skills learned are applicable in all cultures. The Successful Negotiator is available in more than 71 countries.
  • Participants address real-life influencing and negotiation challenges by developing an actionable plan during the workshop to communicate more effectively with a specific individual at work.

Key Features

  • Communication style
  • Trust & Empathy
  • Change and Defensiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Negotiation Process
  • Negotiating Outcomes While Building Quality Relationships
  • Understanding and Building the Business Relationship
  • Building Confidence
  • Understanding the needs of others in the Relationship
  • Developing Confidence in the Relationship
  • Negotiating Change in Complex business organizations
  • Action & improvement Planning