Financial Feat - Building Business Acumen


Financial Feat is a simulation that was designed to create maximum long-term value for the business from the initiative by understanding the economic drivers, making critical strategic and operational decisions, while engaging with stakeholders and other team members.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Business value drivers and key economic measures for performance management.
  • Stakeholder influence on value delivered by a company and the role of leaders in communicating with stakeholders.
  • Impact of sales and marketing decisions on financial performance.
  • Resource allocation and considerations in making investment decisions.
  • Multiple ways to build key elements of the value chain including organic growth or joint ventures and the criteria used to assess the options.

Key Features

  • Leadership
  • Role-play: A leader in charge of new corporate initiative
  • Classroom or Online format
  • Adaptable to different environments
  • Financial acumen
  • Financial simulation
  • Investments